8 Easter games the family will love!

Kids love Easter. When chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and sweet, warm muffins get devoured before the day has barely begun. It’s a time for fun, family & laughter, when happy memories are created that last a lifetime. 

And we’ve compiled some special Easter games that will make this the best Easter ever. So, resurrect your inner youth and prepare your family for some real fun.

8 games for your family this Easter:

eggbocceEgg bocce ball. All you need is two matching, dyed hardboiled eggs per player and one plain egg (this will be the target). Have one player roll the target egg several metres
away then players take it in turn to roll their eggs as close as possible. All players get two turns. Once all the eggs have been rolled, the player with the egg closest to the target wins.

Autumn Easter hunt. Collect a pile of autumn leaves and place them in a box. Mix in a packet of mini Easter eggs and time how quickly the kids can find them; bonus prize if it’s under 30 seconds. If you live in a tropical climate, replace the leaves with hay.

For a different kind of hunt, take the family geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS enabled device. There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world and some of them will be near you right now. You get to keep what you find in the container, but you must replace it with something different. To spread some Easter joy, why not make chocolate eggs the items you leave behind? This is a real outdoor adventure for the whole family, but probably more suited to kids 7 years and older.

coloring-easter-eggs-crayonsFor a touch of Easter DIY, make some melted crayon Easter eggs. All you have to do is hard boil several eggs and roll them into a plate of crayon shavings, while they’re still hot, using plastic tongs so you don’t burn your fingers – be careful not to crack the shells. The heat from the eggs will melt the shavings to create a beautiful pattern. Add some glitter for extra sparkle!

Pass the egg – an old favourite and sure to make the family laugh. Gather in a circle and place the egg under the chin of player one. Using no hands, player one passes the egg to player two and so on around the circle. The first one to drop the egg is the first one out. Last player standing wins the game. For an extra level of tension, use raw eggs – the losers clean up the mess!

Eggstacle course. Set up a homemade obstacle course using whatever items you have on hand – get the kids to help. While balancing an egg on a spoon, walk the tightrope using your garden hose, jump through hula-hoops, lay a broomstick across two chairs and crawl under, weave through a line of plastic cups. The imagination has no limits!

easter pinataEaster piñata. Buy a premade piñata or make your own using a balloon, paper mache paste and an old newspaper.  Fill it with chocolate eggs and treats and decorate with an Easter theme. Use a large wooden spoon or stick to whack the balloon, blindfolding players for extra fun. When the balloon pops, you get to eat the treats!

Footprint game. This works best if you have tiled floors. Wet the soles of your shoes and stomp in some soil. Then walk through your home leaving a trail of footprints. When the kids wake, they have to follow the footprints to find the Easter treasure!

We wish you a fun and happy Easter and hope you enjoy these games. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some eggstra family gift ideas this Easter.

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